Thursday, October 27, 2016

birthday boy is forever 32

Paul has the kids convinced he is 32, and that number is never going to change. The little ones don't get it, but Savannah and I play along with his game!

Paul really got a bad deal when he married me, because I am the worst gift giver ever! He also doesn't help my situation by buying everything he wants, when he wants it. The stories of failed attempts to surprise him are endless.

You know what makes our situation awesome though? He doesn't care. He doesn't want anything. He always picks to do something with the kids, for the kids, and what makes everyone else happy. That Paul is quite the guy!

The kids made him homemade cards. Devin cut flowers from the yard, and made him a beautiful bouquet of orange {our favorite color} flowers to put in his bathroom. We went to lunch at a place we didn't have to worry about Drake being naughty, followed it up with a cupcake from the bakery.

Even though there wasn't anything extravagant about his day, I hope he knows how much we love him! 

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