Monday, July 11, 2016

FlipaZoo - Our Review.

This is a sponsored post. All the opinions belong to me, and the kids that reviewed it.

Let me just start off by saying, my kids have been fighting over the one FlipaZoo we got to review. We got this ^ unicorn/dragon, and it is even more adorable in person. We were ecstatic to finally see them in WalMart, because the kids wanted to pick out their very own.

We basically have been passing this soft pillow around from kid to kid. I even once told the kids that the dragon side belonged to Devin, and the unicorn side belonged to Bina. 

I don't know if your kids are the same way as mine, but they go absolutely nuts over this kind of stuff. I know some people can't stand to have one more stuffed animal, but I can't help caving in because they actually play and use them. 

I think we finally have found the perfect home for this guy, in the car. When the kids take their car naps, they use this soft guy as the pillow they always need. 
We are definitely fans of the FlipaZoo.

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