Thursday, July 21, 2016

beat the heat playdate.

You know sometimes I don't feel like going on adventures. Sometimes my kids don't feel like it either. There have been a lot of days this Summer we have pulled out the slip and slide, or filled up the pool and just played in the backyard. I feel like we have had a good mix of adventure and chillaxin'.

I love when you are texting with a friend, and she is just as unmotivated as you are. But you know you both have to do something with the kids, or everyone is going to go crazy.

So maybe Leisha was a little more motivated than I was, because she actually planned something for us to do. 
She was telling me she wanted to do ice cream cookie sandwiches, and let the kids build toothpick/marshmallow creations. Sounded like the perfect afternoon. She ran to the store for supplies, and I just showed up...I am so niiiiice. I did tell her to go to Smith's for the cookies, because some of them have these itty bitty cookies for $1 for 10ish cookies. They have been a staple in our splash pad snack/treat bag this Summer. Some Mom's are willing to heat up their kitchens to bake their own cookies, I buy these. 

We started the kids on the marshmallow/tooth pick creations first. Leisha's kids were clearly pros at this, they had some serious building skills. Bina liked eating the marshmallows more than building anything with them, and Devin started off unsure but got the hang of it from watching his friends. We are going to need a redo of this activity!
The ice cream cookie sandwiches were a hit, and not just with the kids either. Yummo! The kids had so much fun mixing and matching cookie flavors with ice cream flavors. It was the perfect little activity and treat!
I am lucky that our friends will invite us to have some fun, because we all know it wouldn't have ended well staying in the house all day.

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