Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Amphitheater Park - Splash Pad

This Summer has really been all about visiting more places we have never been. Of course there is risk in this, because we sometimes have adventure flops. We haven't had many flops this year, thankfully. 

While talking to my friend Stephanie, she asked if we had ever been to the Amphitheater Park/splash pad. This one is a fairly new park {maybe 2 years?}, and we had never been. 
You should click on the link to see how fun this splash pad is! I would have taken pictures, but it was packed with little people...and to be honest I was pretty comfortable with Drake under the canopy.

Things that I really did love about Amphitheater Park...

Even though it is new, they have some bigger trees that have a little bit of shade. Nowadays you better just plan on bringing shade if you want it, because these new parks don't have anywhere to sit out of the heat. They also have the shade that stretches over parts of the splash pad, and a large pavilion to sit under as well. We didn't go early enough, so a lot of this space was spoken for...but still an option.
I loved the different water features that I haven't seen at other splash pads, like the wall of water falls. 

I love that there is lots of space that you can sit and see both the park and splash pad clearly. My kids like to go back and forth from one to the other, so this is important to me.

You know what the best part of our visit? The company. Emily is one of our favorites, and it turns out our kids liked playing together too. When we were leaving my kids asked if we could play with them again...{warm fuzzies}. I love when people come with us on adventures, because between watching kids/listening to kids/feeding kids you can get an adult conversation in...and I always need that.
PS All photo cred goes to Emily too. I wasn't joking when I said I didn't leave that shade for much. 

Name: Amphitheater Park
Address: 9400 S 1300 E Sandy, UT

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Emily said...

This gave me all the warm fuzzies. Let's plan another play date soon. We can do the rec center pool and then hang out at our home. You'll for sure want the umbrella. Maybe I'll have one by then too! Also? You can now admit that photo of you and Drake is adorable.