Wednesday, June 1, 2016

kyle and taylor get hitched.

Kyle asked Taylor to marry him, and she said YES! Devin is still heartbroken that his girlfriend isn't on the market anymore.

They asked Bina to be a flower girl, and Devin to carry one of the rings for the wedding.
That means we had an excuse to take a weekend getaway to be a part of it all.

When our drive up to Idaho started with 45 minutes of crying from a certain adorable baby, we were all questioning our decision. Good thing Drake pulled it together, and was the best lil' guy for the rest of the trip.
We stayed in our usual hotel, ate yummy food, went swimming, shopped, and celebrated with the happy couple. We had one scare with Sabrina almost drowning in the hotel pool, but we all recovered...thankfully.
They got married in someones backyard, and the view was breathtaking. It made for the perfect back drop! The kids favorite part was definitely the dance floor!
Kyle gave all the groomsmen funky socks, and he included the little guys in this too! Devin got these amazing floral socks, and LOVES THEM! He hasn't take them off, and has told everyone about them. He even decided to wear them to school on free dress day, because he knew everyone else would think they were cool too!

We are so happy for these 2, and especially thankful for Taylor! She is a great addition to the Bulkley family!

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