Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Bina turned 4.
All she asked for was a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. She talked about it for weeks, and it lived up to everything she imagined and wanted.
We ordered pizza, which was surprisingly not as bad as it has been in past experiences. We played loads of games, but Sabrina just wanted to go on this one ride...over and over and over again.

We opted for Nothing Bundt Cakes for her cake. We get the little ones, and then everyone can pick their own favorite flavor.
She is definitely easy to please. We love our Bina girl. Everyone who knows her, loves her. Bina loves playing pretend, and is often in her own little world. She is content to play dolls on her bed for hours.

Bina is most definitely the calm in our family. She is such a little lover. We don't know how we got so lucky to get her...but we will gladly take her.

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