Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Sometimes I like to mix things up for holidays, but after this year I decided I am stickin' to what we like and not going too far from it in the upcoming years.
Our neighborhood has a really fun tradition of doing a flashlight Easter egg hunt. You just have to donate a dozen filled eggs per kid, show up after dark, and get your hunt on. I have never had disappointed kids, and everyone goes away with enough candy to make it fun.
This year I decided to go to the local grocery store for the Easter egg hunt. I am sure not all of them are this way, but it was miserable. So many people, Devin didn't get one single piece of candy, Bina got 3. Lots of rude people with a baby that couldn't even walk, and a basket overflowing with candy. It was the worst. So, I tried something new, and I won't make that mistake again.
I have 2 things I switch back and forth from that the kids both love. The first is, each child is assigned a color egg, and they only hunt for that color Easter morning. The second is, I assign each child a color of string that they follow around to find all of their gifts/eggs. This year since Drake is too little, and I am too exhausted...I just went with the egg colors. The kids were still happy, but next year I will go back to the string.
We enjoyed ham and funeral potatoes, and called it a successful Easter day!

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