Thursday, September 10, 2015

starting somewhere.

post edit: I went back and filled in some of the gaps. Slowly but surely this blog might make a come back, just in time for 2016 Summer adventure a days!

Where do you even start when you haven't blogged since June? Truth, I have no idea. 

I decided to just start somewhere, even if that means that things will be out of sequence. I will forget these memories all together if I don't start somewhere.


This post is going to be about our newest baby. A boy. Due Christmas Day, 2015. 
{25 weeks}

His name will be Drake, and our first baby that I have given a name to. I have never really cared what our babies names were, just that I had the opportunity to have them. Then this boy came along, and I did a fair amount of begging for his name to be Drake.
Just because he is our 4th, it hasn't diminished my excitement. I still can't wait to meet him, snuggle, and soak him up. 

This has been my easiest pregnancy, and I secretly hope that means he will be my easy baby. Fat chance, I know. We have most everything ready for his arrival, which is some sort of record for us. 
There was a time in my life when I wasn't sure we would have a family, and I said I would be happy with just one baby. Now we will be a family of 6, and I feel like someone should pinch me...I am so thankful for these little people who I get to be a Mommy to. Such a dream come true.


kendahl a. said...

Look at Bina's sass!

I'm excited for you to have another, because you and Paul make some of the cutest babies this world has ever seen. And DRAKE! So freaking cute.

Emily said...

Six is a crazy awesome, crazy crazy number but you will love it. And those kids will love you.