Friday, September 11, 2015

painting the nursery.

The room we have used for the nursery was in need of an update. Devin and Bina have both used the same room, and we wanted to change it up for Drake. 
I wanted to do more than just an accent wall, but I wasn't sure I was up for the task. I honestly can't remember how it happened, but my friend Christy offered to help me paint and the rest was history.
Christy is a pro painter, and it made trying something new not so scary. Christy found some ideas on Pinterest, and we ran with it. 
It was so fun to do this project with her, and we made a good team. Paul took care of Bina, took Devin to school, brought us home lunch...all while we painted and chit-chatted. I love how it turned out, and find myself dreaming of when I have a reason to spend more time in the room.

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