Tuesday, September 22, 2015

just keep swimming.

Every year, except one, I have come up with an excuse to not put the kids in swimming lessons. This year I saw a childhood friend offering swimming lessons in her backyard, and I decided to jump on it...make no excuses. 
At first I wasn't going to sign Bina up, because she wasn't potty trained. With a mention of not being able to swim with Devin and Savannah, she quickly potty trained in a weekend. If I would have known that is all it would take I would have bribed her with swimming lessons earlier.
It was the perfect size classes, great teacher, the right time of day. It was so fun to watch Savannah and Devin really progress, and love going. Bina started off really strong, but in the end decided she didn't love "the big bathtub" every day.

We were sad when it was over, and was definitely a highlight to our Summer. 


Emily said...

Sometimes those lessons are crazy but it's so nice to not have to worry *quite* so much when they're near a swimming pool (once they know how to swim to the side).

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

So glad you guys came!