Saturday, August 29, 2015

5th grader.

Savannah was a little nervous about starting the 5th grade. Her very best friend ended up in another class, and they have been inseparable. She did end up getting the teacher she really wanted, so that was a little bit of positive for her.

Savannah is a smart young lady, and makes friends no matter what her situation is. She looks forward to learning, and is responsible with homework. I feel really thankful that I have been so lucky this first time around with a child I never have to worry about.
Every year we take the same picture of Devin with Savannah. This year Bina wanted in on the fun. Clearly Savannah doesn't think it is as cute or fun anything...which makes this picture all the more priceless.
I am sure 5th grade will take some adjusting, but I am also sure she will absolutely slay it! Can't wait to see how much she excels and learns. 

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