Friday, July 31, 2015


Every time we pass Lagoon, the kids always beg to go. We saw a killer deal on tickets, and we decided to go one evening. I told Paul that I should just stay home since I couldn't ride on anything, but he insisted I go and be the glasses, key, wallet holder/picture taker. Turns out that is a pretty fun gig watching all my people have the time of their lives.
We found out Sabrina is our dare devil. She wanted to ride on everything. I waited for her to start crying on one of the rides, but she just kept begging for more.
It was perfect having Devin and Sabrina ride together, and Savannah and Paul could go on the bigger rides together. The things that were too scary for Devin, Savannah was able to take Sabrina. 
We were afraid that an evening wasn't going to be enough time to enjoy ourselves completely, but it was just the right amount of time. Paul and I are feelin' old, sore, exhausted, but happy.

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