Thursday, June 4, 2015

adventure a day kick off 2015

I have had plans for the first few days of Summer for weeks. It hasn't all gone as planned, but even the bumps were pretty smooth.
So, Wednesday was our early out, kick off to Summer. Savannah's school has a carnival, and what better way to say goodbye to school. We went and ate ourselves silly. They do a really great job making it fun and crazy affordable. I think the kids did about everything. They had bounce houses, magic show, volley ball, face painters, hoola hooping, and tons of running around and laughing with friends. We came home tired and sticky after quite a few hours.
But when we got home Sabrina started to complain her stomach hurt again. She had swallowed a magnet the night before, and had complained a few times during the day about it. We went about our business, until she decided to start throwing up. Her and I got back in the car for a quick ER visit. Sabrina was such a good girl for everyone, and was only slightly terrified. She decided to puke on me, and all of our belongings during our visit. I have a rather weak stomach, and that Dr was a total hero and undressed Sabrina and wrapped her in a clean blanket for me. I was given a list of things to watch for, and was sent on our way.

We decided our plans for today would need to be scratched, and plan a much more low key day. I was disappointed last night as I canceled plans, but it all worked out today.
We did manicures when we woke up, worked on perler beads projects {more on that later}, took epic naps, watched a movie, and then decided we were a little stir crazy. The big kids hopped on bikes, and Sabrina got a stroller ride to the gas station and park. We got home in time for more perler bead projects, bath, and bedtime.

I say it was a pretty action packed first day of Summer. Can't wait for the rest!


Emily said...

You are seriously the best at making summer such fun for your kids. Glad the magnet thing is (hopefully) working itself out. Olivia swallowed one a while ago and it was so scary!

Vanessa Brown said...

Blog again woman.

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