Sunday, May 31, 2015

a goal turned in to another.

Way back in January of 2013 I set a goal to "get in the picture" more with my kids. I actually did really well, and feel like I have made it a habit. You will see me sprinkled in photos of most of the adventures we do. Paul also got me a selfie stick, making family photos more common too! 
So, in July of 2014 I set another goal to take pictures of my 3 kids together. If you follow me on Instagram you can usually see at least a weekly photo of my 3 kids together. The only way I knew this goal was going to work is if I made it fun for the kids. They get to pose themselves, which means they don't even have to always look or smile. It has made some of my favorite pictures of them.
We recently went to Camera Shy to have the kids' pictures done. I let the kids each pick something they could bring to get their picture taken with. I decided I just really love an authentic picture, showing you exactly what my kids personalities are like. I think it shocked the cute little photographer when I didn't care that Devin was holding his "Cheeto" in the pictures, and Sabrina was wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. 
These picture goals have been way more fun to work on than that pesky weight goal I keep setting and failing at. 


Also, my favorite individual pictures of the 3 with their favorite things...

Savannah chose Sisters Grimm book series, her absolute favorite.
Devin chose his "Cheeto", and a Ninja Turtle car. I would definitely say he can't live without one more than the other.
Sabrina chose a Doc McStuffin's doll, that just so happened to be dressed up like a princess. I think this little girl owns every Doc toy on the market, she is obsessed!! 


Cathy said...

I love all of this! Cheetos for life!

Emily said...

This is the perfect way to take a family photo of the kids. Love it! (And I love the photo bomb in the background of that first shot.)