Sunday, March 15, 2015

highlights of the Classic party

Devin has been asking for close to 2 years to go to the "skate park" aka Classic Skating. It is all he really wanted to do for his 5th birthday party. His excitement was contagious, and he really did have a little sparkle in his eyes all day.

We reserved a table, ordered pizza, got unlimited soda refills, ice cream, cupcakes, a giant card for everyone to sign, tokens, skating, free bull ride, yada, yada, yada. Totally worth the money!
Devin got to request a song for the DJ to play, and a shout out that it was his birthday. When I asked him what song he wanted played, he said "Mom, I want something from Annie!" Yeah, that is my sweet kid. They didn't have the Annie soundtrack. I know, I am shocked too. hahaha. He went with something a little more popular, and was still happy.

Paul, Jackie, Devin, Savannah, and myself all took rides on the mechanical bull. Some of us needed help on to the bull, and our rides were short. Totally worth the laughs, pulled muscle, embarrassment, and bruises.
Devin got to go in the Prize Cube {wind tunnel to catch tickets}, plus he got lucky with a jackpot win in the dimecade. He ended up carrying out a sweet skateboard from the redemption counter.
We didn't realize Jackie and Taylor had only been skating a few times combined in their entire lives. They were such good sports, and we were so happy they braved the skating rink with us. 
Kyle was totally in his element, and our kids loved every minute of him being there. Sabrina loved how fast Kyle went while she was in the stroller. They were spoiled by his entertainment, cotton candy, lazer lights, etc. And he still has crazy impressive skills while wearing skates.

It was one of those days that you want to bottle it all up so you don't forget how fun it all was. I loved having our brothers there, and Taylor made a quick buddy in Sabrina. Sabrina doesn't fall in love fast and hard, but she did with Taylor. 

Even though this day was all for Devin, we definitely all scored!