Friday, March 27, 2015

Funtopia Utah

I like adventures, and I like to try new things. I want my kids to have lots of unique experiences, and try everything at least once. Even if they don't end up falling in love with it, I want them to be able to say they tried it.

My kids tend to be a little more timid when it comes to things like heights, water, and rides.

When I saw the opportunity to go to Funtopia Utah, I jumped at the chance. Haven't heard of it? Neither had I until I saw it on the news {click on that link, watch Casey Scott do the slide and picture my face}, and I am so glad we were able to experience it. 

Funtopia Utah is a place with 26 different themed climbing elements, you are sure to find something you love doing. We didn't know what we were doing, and the employees were so helpful and patient. Honestly, Tanner made our experience what it was, and I was so thankful for him.
My kids were totally hyped up to climb, and then they got 2 feet off the ground and were terrified {there were tears!}. I hooked up to a wall, acted like my legs weren't shaking, and scaled that wall. I got to the top, and I am not gonna lie...I did not think that rope was going to catch me when I let go. It did, I am here to tell about it. Phew! See kids, so fun! Now stop crying and start trying!
Tanner was so good at encouraging and helping Savannah and Devin. I admit, I lack patience when I see my kids just give up. We all learned some valuable lessons in that hour at Funtopia Utah. Instead of getting lots of amazing pictures of my kids conquering walls, we worked hard on setting goals for going a little higher each time.

We may have found a new hobby for Devin, he has asked numerous times the past week when he gets to go back. If you have an adventurous kid(s), this is right up your alley! It is such a fun way to stay active. Try it, and tell me what your kids think!


Name: Funtopia Utah
Address: 401 S 850 E Lehi, UT
Admission/Cost: $18 for 1 hr of climb time


Emily said...

I love that you scaled that wall! We should take the kids for a play date sometime. Livi wasn't a fan of the heights but George did it! :)

mai ali said...
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