Monday, March 2, 2015

confidence: try something new

A few months ago the Bishop asked me to be in charge of our Young Women's girls camp, and to be their sports director too! I laughed when the words came out of his mouth. Uh, I don't camp, we don't even own sleeping bags. I have never played sports, and can't remember the last time I even exercised. I still can't believe I said yes.
I remember thinking that if I wanted the girls to get excited about playing basketball, I needed to be excited about playing too...not just coaching them.

I was so nervous the first week I walked in to that gym to play. I thought I could put on a jersey, be a really good cheerleader, and be that constant player to come so we never had to forfeit.

Something unexpected happened in that gym for me though.

I wanted to learn to play. I wanted to win. I liked the exercise. I fell in love with the women, and had fun being a part of their team.

I am so glad that I had the confidence to try something new, because it gave me new people to love. I honestly can not wait until next season, even though our team will probably look totally different. 

Who knew trying something new would be so much fun. Take that confidence!


Cathy said...

Proud of you, my friend!

Vanessa said...

That's so awesome