Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our Fall Pictures {aka picture overload}

Paul and I have this thing that I will only make him take professional family pictures once a year. Clearly this isn't enough for me, but I make do. We end up doing "just kids" ones a couple of times a year to satisfy my craving.
October is a family favorite month. Between the birthdays, the love of orange, Giants baseball, and Halloween...we really look forward to this time of year. It only seemed appropriate we do a Halloween themed kid photo sesh.
Kim Orlandini Photography has been my photographer of choice for a long time. We all adore her, and her work is amazing. She works quick, always gets the best shots, and we all fun doing something not all of us enjoy.
I think I have said this after every session with Kim, but these pictures are my favorite. Perfect lighting. My kids look so adorable, and she knows how to show off their individual personalities. And even though Paul didn't understand why we were taking pictures "in the weeds", it turned out spot on.
I will always be thankful Kim has and shares such an amazing talent. It truly is remarkable what she can do with a camera!

Mucho love Kim! 


kendahl a. said...

These are so, so, so cute! Your kids are mega adorable.

Emily said...

Kim is my most favorite of all the photographers. And your kids are adorable.