Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Fit Made Fun" MommyParty

I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I was thrilled when we were selected to host this party. As weird as it may sounds, nothing makes me more proud than to see my kids pick good food choices on their own, and to want to stay active.  It was one of those unexpected joys I got from Motherhood.

I feel like growing up exercise and eating healthy were not instilled in me, and has been a constant struggle my entire life. It is something I wanted for my own children, and feel lucky enough it has been easy for me to do with them.
For our party we set up stations with different exercises for the kids to do. We used a jump rope, pogo stick, and the LeapBand to help with some of the stations exercises. I love watching kids have fun exercising, and they don't even feel like they are.

The kids all loved the LeapBand station, because they all got to wear/use it. It has a lot of fun activities on it, and makes you want to keep moving to earn fun things. {Devin plays with his non-stop, and hasn't lost interest!} The target age for the LeapBand is 4-7 years old, and you definitely have to stick to those ages. Savannah is 9, and although she would love to play with it all of the time...the LeapBand does not fit her wrist. 
We played until everyone had pink cheeks, and needed a break. We had the Clif Kid Z Bar, and lots of water. Those bars were a hit, and with flavors like Chocolate don't realize it is healthy for you. 
The kids didn't want to stop playing after all the stations had been done multiple times so we played freeze tag, red light-green light, and hands up-stands up. 
All the kids had so much fun getting more fit. We may have had a few more impromptu "Fit Made Fun" parties. 

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kendahl a. said...

This is so awesome! I want one for myself. :D