Saturday, September 20, 2014

i crashed.

I love going on adventures every day with my kids. I don't do it for a blog post, or an Instagram picture...I do it because I love it. Evonne needs out of this house, or I go absolutely crazy.

I love that during the Summer we can go to bed a little later, or babies can wake up all night, and I can sleep in a little later. I love the feeling of having all day to do anything we want, with no set time of being back home. 

It isn't so much the weather that makes me love Summer, it is everything that goes with it. 

We have gone back to very early mornings, with very little sleep most nights. Lots of homework, and busy evenings. Feelings of Mommy guilt that comes with taking the littles to do fun things without Savannah.Yada, yada, yada.

After the first couple of weeks of our new school schedule, I emotionally crashed. I had forgotten what makes me happy, and what makes me tick. I don't need to be busy every moment of every day, but I need things to look forward to. 
Since then I have taken the littles to the pond {Thank you September for being so hot, we can still swim}, the Museum of Natural Curiosity, and a few other things in between...service projects, clothes shopping, and trips to the snack shack. I think the adventure a day just might be a permanent fixture for us. After all, it is for my sanity.


Jerilee E. said...

I think you are amazing and just love you.

kendahl a. said...

You're an amazing mama.

Emily said...

I still need to get to that museum!