Monday, August 25, 2014

soccer mom.

Savannah has tried lots of different extracurricular activities. Most of it she has liked, the art club and the show choir were definitely at the top of her list. She was sick of Tae Kwon Do after all those years, and has been on a two year break {read permanent one!}.
After hearing about all these soccer games she played at recess in 3rd grade, we decided to let her try out a game our family knows nothing about. Her and a little friend signed up together, and neither of them have ever played outside of school.

She definitely got an enthusiastic coach, which has us at practice twice a week. Games are once a week, and Savannah is absolutely in love.
I still couldn't tell you a thing about this game, but I have a feeling this just may be the sport she stays in for awhile. I love seeing Savannah passionate about something, and wanting to get better at. 

Go Eagles. Let's win some games!


kendahl a. said...

She is too cute. Those pigtails and her huge smile? Adorable.

Emily said...

It's so great when you find a sport or athletic activity they love. So good for them mentally and physically!