Tuesday, August 26, 2014

paul + evonne

One night over smothered burritos Cathy took pity on this cryin' Mommy, and offered to watch our kids so Paul and I could take a weekend getaway. I don't think she will ever understand how much this meant to me, and what perfect timing she had. 

This has been some of the most stressful months of our marriage. Owning our own business is hard, breaking a leg, Summertime SAD, kids, bills...just being the adult has taken its toll on us. We were in desperate need of "us time", and Cathy was the answer to my prayers.

I had been given a gift card to the Zermatt Resort, and when I looked for reservations they just so happened to be having an amazing special that my gift card covered completely. It was meant to be.
We had a lovely time away. The Zermatt Resort is gorgeous, and did not disappoint. We decided we liked it so much that we would take our kids back to have some fun with us next time.
They have an on site mini golf course, that I totally kicked Paul's butt at. We sat in the hot tub, and went to the movies. We had the most amazing Sunday brunch at Z's, and I will be dreaming of that granola for maybe forever. We took a stroll around the beautiful property, and enjoyed a cupcake at the local bakery. I ordered a picnic dinner that we ate on top of the crater at The Homestead. They had a fun concert, and we ran in to friends there. We enjoyed every ounce of our alone time, and quiet, I might add.
Even though life is hard for us right now, I have the best of the best in my life. Paul is always worried and stressing over us, and I am a lucky girl to have someone that cares so much about my needs/wants. 
Our Cathy is a life saver on so many levels. She quietly serves, listens, and supports. We love her dearly, and are forever thankful for the sacrifices she makes for us. 

I think we are ready to take on the new school year!


kendahl a. said...

That place looks gorgeous! I'm glad it was good time away. You deserve it!

Cathy said...

I tell you what. There's no better way for me to forget my own chaos and frustration than to quietly serve the people I love. And having your sweet daughter wake up and feed the littles breakfast while I stayed in bed felt like freaking royal treatment.

Emily said...

I love that Cathy. She's amazing. And I love you had some alone time with Paul. It's the best way to rejuvenate and regain a bit of sanity.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

How great for you and hubs to be able to have some much needed alone time and a break from the normal chaos of life. It's hard when your kids are little, you're juggling a lot of things and you feel like you just may be drowning. It's so hard to ever take time for yourself, but especially time with your spouse. It's great when you have people in your life who help you to do it. :)