Thursday, July 3, 2014

we need you.

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog posts about Summer plans to talk about our lil' family business.
We own Sell Vending, a small operation of over a hundred vending machines. Not your snack and soda machines, the fun machines like cranes, arcade games, jukeboxes, and tattoo/sticker machines. We have been a success for almost a decade now. Insane to say that now, because it was a rough road at times.  
We are always looking for new locations, and a lot of it is just knowing the right person. That is why we need you. We want to pay you sweet mula to find us locations for our machines. 
We need bars for our jukeboxes, and every place in between. Our route runs as far North as Twin Falls, ID, and as far South as Spanish Fork, UT. We cover a large area that includes Heber, and even Tooele.
If this is something that interests you, I would love to chat about details. Email me: sellpartyof at gmail. We have all the paperwork, business cards, and information to make it easier for you too!

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Arianne Newton said...

A few suggestions would be our little movie theater the Stansbury soleburgs grocery store, bounce town. Just to name a few.