Saturday, July 26, 2014

Slide the City - Salt Lake City

Savannah and I were thrilled to be able to go to the Slide the City here in Salt Lake City over the past weekend. It was the first city they visited, and are planning visits all over the United States. I think/hope they learned a lot from Salt Lake being the first one, lucky for the rest of you folks. 

With the intense heat we have had, we decided to go later in the afternoon and stay to shut the slide down. After the stories I heard and a few things we saw, I was glad we made this decision. 
The check in went pretty smoothly, and we were ready to hit the slide. There were massive amounts of people, and the line was pretty long. I thought it would go quickly when I saw how many people they were sending down at a time. As we waited almost an hour, we were highly entertained and slightly horrified to watch people come down the 1,000 foot slide. People were colliding, crashing, and having a blast. 
Our first time down was a complete disaster. I quickly realized that this was not for little kids, in my opinion. We got plowed by a 200+ pound man, and Savannah was scared...and bruised up. After tears the entire time down, and all the way back up to the top of the hill, Savannah wouldn't go back down. 

We watched a girl get taken off on a stretcher, and it didn't help Savannah feel any more confident about going. So, I learned the second time down that the best way to go was on your tube, on your stomach. After that it was 100% better. I laughed, and screamed, and loved it. The volunteers also were not sending as many people down at the same time, smart idea! 
Our friends finally gave Savannah a little peer pressure, and she went down on our third time down. She had fun, and we ended our night on a high note. 

We were disappointed that the times changed, they went from keeping the slide open late...until just 7:00 PM. I know they changed the time on the website a few days prior to the event, but they had a lot of unhappy people. I also saw "sold out" online, but they were still selling slide passes up until 6:00 PM. So a little bit of confusion happened, but I think it is all preventable in the future. 

We did enjoy slip 'n slidin' in our city. Definitely something we won't forget. Thanks Slide the City for bringing it to our hometown. 

Name:  Slide the City 
Address: {click on the link for cities} 
Admission/Cost:$15-$45 per person


Krystal said...

I was sad to have missed it, but hopefully they have learned from this experience (which doesn't sound good!!) and next year will be better. I'm already adding it to my summer bucket list for next year!!

kendahl a. said...

I definitely want to try this, so hopefully it comes back again!

Emily said...

Definitely making it a family trip next year!