Monday, July 14, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity: 5 things you should know

When Summer started, Paul and I decided to buy an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point. This post is not sponsored, but after going many times {and taking friends}, I decided I needed to share some of the things that make it more enjoyable for us.
First of all, if you are wondering if the Museum of Natural Curiosity is really all that awesome, it is. It is worth every single penny, even if you don't have a pass. 

Although I have learned way more than 5 things to really enjoy this museum, these are the five most important ones. Like enjoy the little cafe they have inside the museum {which is not on my list}, it is pretty reasonably priced. Then you don't have to experience a kid exploding from hunger on the drive home. 
Tip #1: Don't bring a stroller.

Most everything requires you to leave your stroller in the "parking" outside each exhibit. Sabrina is definitely young enough to still be in a stroller, but I found it to be more of a hassle to take it. That being said, it is really busy, you have to keep a close eye on those little ones. Yes, I have lost her here once, and it was frightening.
Tip #2 wear a backpack instead of bringing a purse.

So much of this museum is hands on, and interactive. The first time I was annoyed with trying to keep my purse on my shoulder. I wanted to experience everything with my kids, and the backpack makes it much easier to do so. I totally conquered the rope bridges {don't wear flip flops, if you want to do this} right along side my adorable kiddies.
Tip #3 go later in the afternoon.

They are open until 8:00 PM, but not many people are going to take little ones that late. Close by after dinner time? I say rush over and enjoy it! If you go when the museum first opens, there has always been a line out the door to get in. We also found Saturdays are not as busy as you would think either.

Tip #4 stormy weather makes the museum busy. 

This one goes hand in hand with our third tip. When we have gone on gloomy/rainy days it is way more packed. People are trying to stay inside, and still have fun...I get it. 
Tip #5 go to Water Works last {one of the exhibits}.

Like a rookie, we did it first. You guys, listen to me. It is such a fun exhibit, but your kids will get wet...maybe even soaked! They have cute rain boots, and smocks, but it is inevitable. So, my kids had to walk around drenched, and were a little miserable. 

Have you gone? What is your favorite part? If you ask Savannah, her favorite thing is definitely the trading post in the Rainforest exhibit. 


Name: Thanksgiving Point - Museum of Natural Curiosity
Address: 3605 Garden Drive Lehi, UT
Admission/Cost: $15/adults - $12/kids


kendahl a. said...

I haven't been but I want to go so badly! It looks really cool.

Arianne Newton said...

Looks awesome!!

Cathy said...

Here's a tip: Be awesome enough to shut the place down for just you and your loved ones. That might help. Just a thought. 😉

Vanessa Brown said...

ooooh I went first thing in the morning thinking that would be a good idea and it was CRAZY!