Friday, July 25, 2014

Highland Glen Park

Highland Glen Park has been on our to do list since last Summer. This is one of the places Cathy suggested we go to, and I never got around to it. We only ended up doing it this year, because of a cousin birthday party that was planned. 

Our last visit to Blackridge Reservoir was a little disappointing. Not because of the company or toys though, we had the best of the best with us that day. It is because of ridiculously low water levels, and it makes it not as fun...and extra stinky. It still has that wasp problem too, like dozens all over by where the kids are trying to build castles. Have you been recently? Hoping they fix it soon. 
Any-who, back to Highland Glen Park. I was excited to try to find something that was comparable to our go-to "beach" spot. Turns out this was more than comparable, maybe even a good replacement. We loved Highland Glen Park, like a lot. It wasn't busy, it was perfect. The kids have asked me every day since to go. 
They do have a sandy beach area, but the sand is hard. You can still build a castle, but it is definitely not squish between your toes. It is more rocky, and uncomfortable. That being said, it has a lot of grassy areas, shade, and picnic tables. The grass is close enough to sit and easily watch kids swim. 

I noticed on the drive in a cute little playground, and the kids begged to stop. It has a little zip line, which they are currently obsessed with doing. 

We probably would never try it {I would have to buy too much stuff}, but they do have docks for fishing too. 


Name: Highland Glen Park  
Address: 4800 W Knight Ave Highland, UT (you can also access the park off of Cedar Hills Drive/North County Blvd) 
Admission/Cost: Free


Cathy said...

We are going tomorrow. Again. I'll be the one melting in case you want to come say hi.

kendahl a. said...

I will never tire of seeing Bina in that swimsuit! She's so freaking adorable, with her little chunky legs.

Emily said...

We need to try this!