Saturday, June 7, 2014

our 3rd grader.

Summer has officially started over here! High five people! We made it through the 3rd grade.

This year was probably the hardest for Savannah, not academically, just lots of...uh...hormones. I apologized to her teacher on the last day of school, because I wasn't as "present" as I have been in previous years. I tried to make up for it the last week of school by taking gifts/lunch to them every day.
I can still think of a long list of fabulous things that did happen this school year that were totally blog worthy, I just never got around to actually talking about them.

Savannah found a lot of new things she was interested in.  It has taken her a lot searching and trying things out to find out what her hobbies and true passions are.

Every day at recess her and all of her friends played soccer. She absolutely fell in love. We have already signed her up for a team that starts this Fall with some of her classmates. We are only a few days in to the Summer, and she is asking Devin multiple times a day to go outside to kick the soccer ball around.
Savannah's school has lots of after school programs, and she signed up for everything that she could for her age group. Show choir was her all time favorite thing, and she took it very seriously. She also really loved the art program too. We still have most of it displayed proudly in our house.
I am very proud of the way Savannah excels in school. She was disappointed to see the school year end, I on the other hand was ecstatic. She loves reading, and every night she has her nose in another book. 

She is definitely ready for another school year, but I am going to make her have fun with me until it starts.


Cathy said...

High five, Savannah! I know you'll find it hard to believe (wink wink) but I was always sad for summer break as a kid. I loved school. Good job to both of you for surviving third grade!

kendahl a. said...

She's grown so much this year! What a pretty girl.

Emily said...

That is one amazing girl you have!

Vanessa Brown said...

She is such a wonderful girl!