Monday, June 9, 2014

Blackridge Reservoir

Our first full day off of school we planned to do one of our favorite spots, Blackridge Reservoir. Most of the kids in our area still were in school, so we were hoping for it to be less busy. 
We planned it first thing in the morning, and we were not disappointed to be one of the few on the beach. It was perfect. We did meet up with some of our friends, which always makes it a little more fun.
I wish I could say this was my favorite trip, but that would be a lie. 

Savannah was in rare form, yes...Savannah! Devin got stung by a wasp right after we got there, and begged to go home. Sabrina didn't want to play in the water, she wanted to go to the playground. It was a tough crowd that day. We only made it a couple of hours, and headed to the closest place for a large Coke. 
We definitely need a repeat of the reservoir, because this time was a bust.


Cathy said...

Dang. You win some, you lose some. Coke makes everything better though. And you get brownie points for trying!

Tiffany said...

We were planning on coming ALL WEEK, but alas we ran out of $$ and needed gas, but please keep inviting us!!!

Emily said...

Yes, a do-over is in order and I plan to be there! *sigh* Coke products make EVERYTHING better.