Sunday, June 1, 2014

a first - er visit

I am not an overly paranoid Mommy. I don't run to the Doctor when my kids are sick, and I usually have more of a wait-it-out kind of attitude when my kids are hurt. 

I have never taken any of my kids to the emergency room. My almost 10 year stretch was wrecked with the child I would have least expected...Bina baby.

Sabrina woke up in the middle of the night, over a week ago, holding the back/side of her head. None of my kids have ever had an ear infection, so I wasn't positive if this could be one or not. She couldn't lay down, and if she tried...she would just scream in pain. It was odd to watch, and absolutely heartbreaking. After I gave her medication, and she still was in the same situation...Paul and I decided it was time to take her in. 

3:30 AM I had to load that cute little screaming girl in her car seat. It was a long, miserable drive to the hospital.
Upside of going at this time? She was seen right away, and had the whole staff fussing over her.
They ran test, and another one, and another one...and couldn't figure out what was going on. No ear infection, no temperature, no runny nose. She was consistent in touching the same spot so we were still concerned.
The Doctor decided a CT scan was in order. As we walked the long, empty halls of the hospital I couldn't help but feel a overwhelming feeling of love for my baby girl. I knew this test could be miserable, and I wanted them to get good pictures of her brain and neck so we could find the problem.
My Dora blankie makes everything better.
They put her on a pillow, and had me lay slightly on top of her...face to face. The nurse told me to comfort her as we both went into the machine together. I could see the complete fear in her eyes, and the first thing that came to my mind was sing I Am a Child of God. As soon as I started to sing, she completely relaxed...and her eye lids got heavy. Bina fell asleep, and I just looked at her feeling so thankful that she is my little baby.
Unfortunately they never did find anything wrong, and we went home still in pain. We stayed on top of the medication, we used those crazy oils every talks about, and eventually the pain went away. We decided it was either a pulled muscle, or some sort of migraine. Whatever it was, I am glad that it wasn't anything major...and that she is back to feeling like herself.
After a night in the ER, she still manages to smile.


Krystal said...

So glad she's okay, but that's still just crazy! Hopefully she doesn't have any more problems.

kendahl a. said...

She is so dang cute! I'm sorry you had to take her to the ER and find nothing out. That's always the worst. But I'm glad she got feeling better quickly! Hopefully it never happens again.