Saturday, May 10, 2014

what motherhood is for me.

Motherhood is a lot of sleepless nights.
Motherhood is sharing when I don't always want to. 
Motherhood is cleaning up the same mess multiple times a day.
Motherhood is trying really hard every day.
Motherhood is exhausting.
Motherhood is laundry.
Motherhood is stepping on sharp objects.
Motherhood is running away by myself to make sure I don't go crazy.
Motherhood is sometimes just surviving.
Motherhood is poopy diapers, messy faces, and spilled juice.
Motherhood is a BIG dirty Coke to make it through the morning.
Motherhood is hiding in the bathroom with the iPad.
Motherhood is crying, just because.
Motherhood is watching the clock until bedtime.

Motherhood is a list of hard things.
Motherhood is celebrating the little moments every day.
Motherhood is listening and supporting.
Motherhood is rewarding.
Motherhood is my dream come true.

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong and supportive women in my life. The woman that listens to my complaints, thank you. The woman that watches my children for me, thank you. That woman that cleaned my house, made me a dinner, lightened by load, thank you. The woman that snuggles one of my babies for me, thank you. The woman that brings me a treat on a bad day, thank you.


Emily said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for being such a great mom.

Emily Christine said...

Love this post! They are lucky to have you!!! :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

You are so good with words! I just want to copy paste this! Happy Mother's Day!

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Well said!

kendahl a. said...

You are so amazing. Thank YOU for being such an awesome mom, for sharing pictures of your adorable kids, for being REAL and not pretending that it's easy.