Wednesday, May 14, 2014

we ranaway together.

We decided it was long overdue to run away together as a family. We didn't tell the kids what day we were leaving, or when we would be home. We didn't even tell them the destination. We love a good vacation outside of Utah, but with the age of our littlest, it doesn't sound like as much fun. So, we booked our favorite suite up in Park City at the Newpark Resort. Savannah still remembers our first trip to Newpark, because how can you forget a private hot tub on your balcony? It is pretty awesome.
 It is the perfect distance away from our house to feel like a real vacation, and still not go crazy driving there. I think the kids still managed to get in a fight there, and back!
view from our balcony
I took a week long break from social media, and took pictures with my big camera. I need to remind myself to do this more often. Sometimes I look at my phone just out of habit, and it is a bad one.
The kids played with fun new things I brought with us, we went shopping, and ate, and ate some more. I took the bigger 2 to a movie, while Paul stayed back to give Sabrina a nap.
We went swimming as a family every day in the indoor/outdoor pool, and I showed off my awesome cannon ball skills. I also haven't lost my touch in being able to do a perfect headstand in the water either. Paul and I also successfully made Sabrina and Devin cry by dunking them in water.
Even though it was the perfect little getaway, I definitely was ready to be home. My little people love their routine, and it does make hotel living a little crazy. 
another view from our balcony
We are making plans for our next staycation, and we are going to attempt Lagoon with our crazy bunch. I feel like it could either be a disaster, or an absolute blast!


Cathy said...

Beautiful! Bring me along in your suitcase next time. And we didn't try Lagoon until this past October with a six and five year old and it was glorious. No stroller, no diapers, no missed naps. Have fun!

Vanessa Brown said...

Savannah is such a good sport. She is the oldest by a lot and she is so good to be such a helpful big sister. I just think she is the best :) Tell her that!

kendahl a. said...

I need something like this. Life is too hectic! It looks like you had a great time.

Krystal said...

Private hot tub on the balcony? I want that at my house!! Fun!!

Emily said...

This sounds fabulous. We need to do more staycations for reals.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

How fun!