Thursday, May 15, 2014

Live Well - The Weigh to Health Program + Giveaway

Disclosure: I was compensated for writing this post, but all opinions are my always.

For the first time in possibly my entire life, I have set a goal...and stuck to it. {patting myself on the back!} We have now been eating at home since March, which means I have been cooking since then. Can you believe it? I can't either, it is the biggest miracle. I can't say that everything I have cooked, we have loved, but I haven't given up.

I said from the beginning this was never about being on a diet for me, it was about changing our lifestyle. I have occasionally stopped for a gas station soda, and I have learned how to make some new desserts. I have noticed my clothes are fitting differently, and Paul has definitely lost weight. We haven't added exercise, but that is right around the corner for us. This has been all about having healthier options when we need a snack, eating more veggies, and less gummy bears.
I was excited to be invited by Intermountain Healthcare to a night to learn about their The Weigh to Health® program. Little did I know how inspired I would become after that night. It was an eye opening experience, and I learned more than I thought I was going to.

It was interesting for me to learn about emotional eating, and I loved when we were taught how to really eat and enjoy a dessert. I am learning to retrain my brain to not have such a deep relationship with food, but to look at it as fuel. This doesn't mean that I don't still want chocolate, but in the dietitian's words "You need to give yourself permission to stop eating when you are full."  I am guilty so many times of eating, because it feels good...not out of hunger.

Here is a little about the Weigh to Health® program... 

It can help you feel better every day. You’ll learn how to make changes in your life that will help you lose extra weight. Those same changes will also help you: 
  • Have more energy 
  • Be more confident 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Sleep better 
  • Be more active 
  • Manage chronic health conditions 
My favorite things I learned about this program were...
  • They take insurance. I know, who knew!? Also, no referral from your Doctor is required.
  • It is not some fad diet! No pills, or completely cutting out sugar/bread/meat/whatever.
  • There is lots of support! Group classes and one-on-one time with a Registered Dietitian! 
  • This is offered at multiple locations, I want to say more than 10! So, you live up North, or South? No problem.

The exciting news {!!!}, they are giving away four (4) entries to the program. It is a 6 month program, that I am sure will change you!
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Emily DeBry said...

Great post I'd love to win it sounds great. And congrats on sticking to your goals I know how hard you've worked

Didericksen Family said...

I have heard good things about this. I want to try it.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Sounds really interesting. Will check it out. I live with five other sisters and we take turns cooking--which is a great help in many ways but not when several of us have specific diet needs!

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

I have never heard of this company, but it sounds great!