Sunday, May 25, 2014

Copperton Park {kick off!}

I couldn't help starting our Adventure a Day before school is officially out, because it was a long weekend...and I really need to start having something to look forward to every day.
We started Friday with our favorite park, Copperton Park. This is a repeat from last year, and other play dates we have done. We just love it that much, and it is really close to our house...added bonus.
We stopped at the gas station, which doesn't happen as often anymore, makes it extra special now. All the kids picked out treats, and we were on our way.
I usually love to hit parks first thing in the morning when it is not as crowded, but Savannah being in school didn't make that possible. At Copperton Park the big metal slides get hot, yet another reason why mornings are awesome. 
We still lucked out this day, because it was early enough no one was there, and the weather was absolutely perfect.
They do have this {new from last year} spinning ring that was a total hit with the all my kids. I have to admit, I have gotten on it...and fell off. It is really fun, and quickly makes you sick. 
This is one of those things we will probably do a few times this Summer, and it won't ever get old. 


Cathy said...

Care wants to come! She still talks about our last time there with you!

Emily DeBry said...

I loved that park as a kid so fun it's still there and your kids love it