Thursday, May 8, 2014

all I do is party.

Paul tells me that he wants to be one of the girls, because all we do is party. At first I protested, but it is true. I party a lot, and that is okay by me.

At the end of last year, me and 7 of my sassy friends decided to start having little parties every 6 weeks or so. It was an excuse to get together, and have fun. They seem to get bigger and better every time, and themes...oh, the themes. 

Here is recap of the first 5 parties, and amazingly, awful pictures. 

We kicked things off by hosting a baby shower for Stephanie in November. It was all things unicorns, rainbows, and glitter. We wore matching unicorn sweaters, and celebrated her babicorn right. 


 Our next party was hosted by Vanessa in December, and it was a 80's/pajama/lazy Christmas party. We played Girl Talk, ate junk food, and exchanged white elephant gifts.

The next party was hosted by Kim in January, and it was an 80's glam birthday party. Kim had someone come to do our nails, and we all did each others hair and makeup. It was only fitting we had Kim take glamor shots to show off how awesome our complete looks were. We also celebrated Kim's birthday with a fabulous cake.


Okay, so the next party was hosted by Emily, if I remember right it was in March. She planned a "favorite things" party. We were all to bring our favorite kitchen thing x3 in the $5 range. I brought 3 magic erasers, and came home with some fun new things from the ladies. It was more low key, and I loved it. I got to really talk and get to know my friends better.


Our most recent party was last week, and we had a Cinco de Mayo party. It was hosted by Vanessa again. We all ordered take out from Cafe Rio, and then each brought a snack/treat to share. We also did a fun favorite/dislike type game. We were all assigned a person to buy for and we had to buy 2 things our person liked, and 1 thing our person hated. When we got to the party we put them all on a table, and had to guess what items belonged to who. For the record, I really stunk at this game, but it was really fun.
Also, Vanessa and I did a lip sync to JayZ and Beyonce. It was hilarious, I also found out I am good at makin' it rain.


What kind of parties do you do with friends that would be fun? Our next party is at a local place that you paint pottery, and I am excited to test out my painting skills. 


Tara said...

You ladies are awesome! So much fun! Some of my college friends and I escape for a weekend together every other year. It's a blast to hang out together as couples and catch up. There's all kinds of crazy costumes, games, and food shenanigans. But really it's just good to be together!

kendahl a. said...

Your parties look pretty legit. I would do it at a bakery every single time.

Tiffany said...

I don't think Stephanie looks very 80's, just sayin.
You guys are the extremely cool girls of blogging.

Emily said...

So my party looks pretty lame compared to the other ones. Guess I need to step up my game!