Monday, March 24, 2014

wild hair.

We have been eating out lunch and dinner for quite some time. The accident happened, and we cut back to just one meal out a day. I was pretty proud of this, but we were still spending a ridiculous amount of money on food. I also have a bad habit of going to the gas station in our neighborhood daily, and when you have 3 kids and myself to buy a drink/treat can be expensive.

I started making a huge grocery list, and presented the idea to Paul we should try to not eat out for an entire week. This also included gas station runs. I thought that if we could do this {and make it a habit}, it may just help me lose a little weight in the process...without saying I was on a diet.

This started last Wednesday.

The first 3 days were pretty hard on me, I'll be honest. My kids love my cooking {weirdo's}, and don't complain {thankfully!}. I really don't mind the cooking if I plan ahead, but what I missed was the unlimited refills of Coke. I noticed that I wasn't feeling that full even after eating, probably because I wasn't full of 32 oz of Coke.

What I didn't expect to feel {6 days in to this challenge} was how good it feels to feed my kids something I know is so much better than what they are use to. I have found Bina eating an apple, Devin opening the fridge for another strawberry, and all my kids sneaking another pinch of feta cheese. As odd as it sounds it makes me feel like a better Mom.

My only complaint, because there has to be one or two, right?

So. Many. Dishes. If I thought I was always cleaning before, I had no idea how many dishes we could dirty. I am cleaning the kitchen 3 times more a day, but I finally got smart and busted out the paper plates.

I can't wait to see how much easier this gets when we make it a habit. I may even bust out a few cookbooks. 


kendahl a. said...

Good luck! I'm too lazy to cook at home too often.

Vanessa Brown said...

soooooooooo many dishes.

Emily said...

And this is why I love making my girls do the dishes. They each get a week on, week off. Also? Paper plates are my best friend.

myra payne said...

In our house we use our wedding china aka chinet paper plates. We don't own a single plate that isn't paper...and it feels so good.

Kristina P. said...

I am so impressed with your dedication!

Rachel Ward said...

FYI: Measuring cups/spoons are not dirty if used for
1. water
2. dry ingredients that don't leave a residue
It only helps a little, but it helps.

Tiffany Ence said...

I always make those kinds of plans.... I never follow through, good on ya!