Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Today our Devi turned 4. 

I have been trying to come up with something about that boy, but have had a couple of hard days being a Mom. You know when you feel like you aren't doing much right in raising these humans you have been put in charge of? Just me. Oh, okay...we shall pretend you know what I am talking about then.

Devin is unpredictable, always keeping us on our toes. You just never know if you are going to get the super friendly, happy, helpful Devin. Or you might get to see the shy, clingy, and sensitive Devin. He can be really excited to go and do something, talk about it all morning, and get there and clam up.

Devin loves to fight with Savannah as much as he loves to play with her. He feels more confident with her by his side when he goes to play lands, or a friends house. I am glad that he feels protected by her. 
Devin has been awesome at teaching Sabrina everything he knows. Those 2 are partners in crime, and can be found eating pickles from the jar at the table. If you can't find them, you know where to look now.

He will gladly open the front door in his underwear for the boy collecting Fast Offerings, and is confident in telling people his favorite color is pink. He hates to wash his hair, loves to pick his nose, and still sucks his thumb.
The past year Devin has decided that fitted sheets {known as Cheetos to him} are better than anything on the entire planet. He carries them around everywhere we go, and won't go to sleep without at least 4 of them. And yes, he still takes a nap, which helps my sanity.

I hope that he never learns how to properly say words like noodles, that are nerdles in our house now. I hope he always wants to 'nuggle with me. I can't say that I mind waking up in the middle of the night holding hands with him.
He makes me cry, and yell more than I thought was even possible. He also has a way of charming Paul and I, and manages to get way more presents than he probably deserves.

We are lucky we have such spunky kid around, and he is lucky to be so cute to get him out of so much trouble. People keep telling me boys are easier, I have yet to see it. Maybe this will be the year he will decide to make his 180, and it will become smooth sailin' from here on out.


kendahl a. said...

I really do adore him. Happy birthday Devin!

Living the Scream said...

What a cutie. I wrote a birthday post today as well. This motherhood thing is super tough!

Cathy said...

You're doing great, Evonne. He's lucky to have you. Four-year-olds are the best. You'll see.

Vanessa Brown said...

He looks like he has THE life, lucky kid

Emily said...

I don't know why but the fitted sheet thing had me smiling. What an amazing kid. Sometimes the ones who keep us on our toes are also the ones who are more often our favorites. ;)

Tiffany Ence said...

Cheetos, that's awesome. Your 4 year old sounds nicer than my almost 4 year old. Happy Birthday to Devin, hopefully we can get AJ and him together this summer!