Tuesday, February 11, 2014

this will help.

This will show one of my character flaws, but I am okay with sharing. When you go through something really hard, do you ever feel really picked on? Like for every 5 positive things that happen, there are 10 negative things. Making it impossible to see all the good. Just me? Oh well, I never claimed to be perfect anyway.

Remember in November when I wrote a little thankful post every day for a week or so? I decided I need to do that again. It helped me look for the positive, and in these past couple of months I have not been consistently good at doing this.

I realize people have it much worse than I do. My life is relatively easy, and I know this obstacle we are faced with will soon be over. Thankfully. This will all be a speed bump in the scheme of things.
I have had this thought a lot lately...I am thankful that I can work, and I am thankful I can stay home. Once I have gotten the kids to the sitter, and we are out working, I love it. I feel accomplished, and it feels good to provide for our family. The days I get to stay home, I love it too. I like to be the one to kiss hurt fingers, take a nap with the kids, scratch Devin's back, watch endless amounts of cartoons, and clean if I feel like it. See? My life is good.

Today I was thankful for our friend inviting Devin to go and see The Lego Movie. He was so excited, and since Sabrina has the flu...it was good timing for him.

I was thankful that we were able to go outside and play, because it warmed up just enough that Devin thought he should wear flip flops and shorts {only in Utah}.

I loved getting an email from my friend, and a text from another one. It made me feel like someone was thinking of me, even when I feel lonely over here cleaning up throw up.
Who knows how long I will need to keep up my thankful posts. Maybe a week, or another month. I know I already feel better. 

We shall meet here tomorrow night for another segment of Von's thankful for random crap. 


Tiffany said...

Someday we will hang out again, I hope!

Tonight I am so incredibly thankful that I have little hands to kiss and bodies to hug, one of my friends had a full-term still born last night. My heart is just broken for her. So I'm hugging my kids a little longer and holding them a little closer.

Sell...Party Of 5 said...

So awful Tiffany. It does put things into perspective. Life can be so much worse.

Cathy said...

I think what you need is a batch of warm red velvet whoopie pies with white chocolate chips and a big blob of cream cheese frosting in the middle.

CraftedCanary said...

Word. I get that. Today my son pooped behind the couch, and my daughter found it and painted herself with 'war paint' before I found it. It sucked...it was literally crappy.

But also a few weeks ago, a friends wife had an aneurysim while she was 20 weeks pregnant. She was kept on life support JUST so she could keep the baby alive to full term. They birthed the baby via c-section on Saturday,and she died on Sunday.

I get it. Our life is hard. But we just wipe the poop off our face,and say it could be worse.

Krystal said...

I am currently thankful the parent teacher conferences are over, and there's only 72 days of school left. Maybe I need to play the thankful game too. I'm so over this swear word of a year!!

Kim Orlandini said...

I hope I was the friend that texted. Yessssss. Love and miss you and I am still here to babysit slash clean ANYTIME. xoxo

kendahl a. said...

Yeah, when things are rough all I can see is the bad. I am completely that way.

I will see you on Saturday. You can bring Bina and I'll hold her the entire time. It'll be the best. ♥

Emily said...

What Cathy said. And a batch for me 'cause you love sharing.