Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the first of many.

We usually try to visit Santa a few times during the month of December. Our first trip to see the big man in red was with friends, and he rode in on a firetruck. We were all jumping and screaming when we saw him getting closer. It was pretty exciting, I love the magic of Christmas.
We waited in a long line, which gave the kids plenty of time to come up with something they wanted.
Savannah only asked for Stompeez, but has now added a few more things to her list. See why we have to take a few trips to see him? They feel like they need to tell Santa every time it changes.

Devin asked for Flipeez, a bike {??}, and a bunny maker {a moon dough kit}. Surprisingly he was not shy around Santa, and was very specific in his requests. 

Sabrina...well...we decided for her. We think she would like a new baby doll, or maybe something awesome to push around {stroller, grocery cart, etc}, and possibly a purse.

Even though we had to cut the night short, because of bedtime...Riverton City really knows how to put on a party. Lots of activities, food, and we even saw a pony. 

Thanks Vanessa & girls for inviting us to tag along with you.


EMILY =) said...

The whole Santa on the fire truck reminds me of 'A Christmas story' movie and i love it. We might have to do this one year if they keep doing it.

Vanessa Brown said...

Next time we'll start the other way with the other things first!

Emily said...

FUN! Gotta love their wish lists!