Monday, December 9, 2013


Paul's parents were here visiting during Thanksgiving week, and we were lucky enough to play a couple of times. The kids really love spending time with them, and are happy to do nothin' fancy...just have them come sit in their room and play/listen to them.
We went to dinner and Chuck E Cheese one night, and the kids were disappointed when it was time to go home. I don't think I saw Devin most of the night, because he was off with Grandpa. Savannah quickly took ownership of Grandma, and Sabrina was in awe of those freaky characters on stage.
Grandma came to hang out one day. Everyone piled in our bed to watch a movie. We walked to the gas station for treats {shocking}. I don't think the kids ever stopped talking. It is really fun to watch them with their grandparents. 
The icing on the cake for me? Grandpa and Grandma helped me hang some Christmas lights on the house. I have always wanted them, and Paul doesn't do heights. It was so fun for me.
We loved seeing them, and wish they lived closer. The kids are already planning what we are going to do next time.


kendahl a. said...

Devin is definitely a Sell! Holy crap does he look like his grandpa.

Emily said...

Grandparents are great when they love and adore their grandbabies (and take them off mom's and dad's hands for a while). :)