Thursday, November 7, 2013

we celebrated.

Since Paul's birthday is on the 27th, and Savannah's is on the kind of feels like we celebrate for a really long time. Add Halloween in the mix and all of those parties, it makes for a busy week or so. When I asked Savannah if she wanted a friend party she said no, and that she just wanted to hang out with her family. Easy enough.
Uncle Jackie sent me this over text, and it made my night! :)
A month or so ago, Paul and Savannah kicked off their birthdays with a trip to Lagoon for Frightmares with Uncle Shane and Uncle Jackie. I wanted to go, but it didn't sound nearly as fun with a 1 year old that has an early bed time. They all had fun, and I was glad that Savannah has understanding Uncles...because it turns out she doesn't like the really big rides.
photo cred - Vanessa...except Savannah took the one of us, and couldn't seem to get a non-blurry photo
Savannah has a few little friends that she really likes to hang out with. I decided to let her invite each one individually to do fun things with her. Even though she didn't want a party, I thought this would be something she would like...and she did. We went to the movies, roller skating, and played really hard!
We invited family to go out to lunch and Boondocks to celebrate Paul's birthday. I love watching Paul with his brothers. They can really make him laugh, and I like seeing him so happy. Of course we celebrated Savannah's too, but that Saturday was mostly for Paul.
Savannah wanted to go to the Jump 'N Bounce with Devin on her actual birthday. We went right after school, and the place was empty. I realized how much I love playing right along side of them, and acting like a kid. I even remembered how to do front flips, and almost peed my pants jumping. It is the best watching your kids grow up, and be old enough to do crazy fun things together. 
I love that these birthdays kick off our holiday season. It is something I really look forward to, almost more than my own birthday.


Emily said...

I love that you were playing right alongside your kids. So awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAVANNAH!

Vanessa Brown said...

I like birthday season in our house (sept-oct) more than mine too!

kendahl a. said...

She is such a sweetheart. Happy birthday to Paul and Van!