Thursday, November 21, 2013

this day, I dread.

Last night I stayed out late, the kids didn't sleep, I had early dentist appointments for the kids, and Paul had to go to Idaho this morning. I was really dreading today, and then guess what happened? It was more awesome than I could handle. Sometimes I find when I have a good attitude, roll with the punches, and stay kids can sense it, and really do act different.
I am thankful my kids think I am ridiculously cool for making them a hot dog in the microwave, and letting them have a picnic. Easy to please, sometimes. Should I even mention that Savannah eats the same lunch every single day, and loves it?!
I am thankful my babies took epic naps today. 3+ hours of complete silence does a Mommy good.
I am thankful we have credit card points, because all the perks are helping make Christmas a little easier.

I am thankful every time Paul comes home safely from Idaho.

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kendahl a. said...

I love the short hair on Van. She looks really cute with it. That picture of Devin makes him look so grown! I love his smile. And Bina's binky is hysterical.