Monday, November 25, 2013

thankful thoughts about our son.

Every night that I sit down to write my thankful posts it really has been easy to see the joy, happy, and good things about my life. Then Friday hit, oh and Saturday, and then Sunday...and I really struggled. I desperately tried to see positive, but my negativity was too powerful.

On Saturday night after putting the kids to bed, and I was not so patient with Devin, I cried. I have lots to learn {especially from our boy}, and so much about myself I wish I could change overnight. 

Devin is a free spirit, a lover, and such a happy kid. I can snap at him, get frustrated by him, punish him, and within minutes {sometimes even seconds} he has already forgotten and moved on. What a fabulous characteristic to have, to forgive and forget easily. I hope that it is one thing he won't ever grow out of. I am thankful for his example, because I need to be reminded of this a lot.

I went to church wanting and really just needing to be uplifted. Luckily I got what my spirit was truly in need of. The lesson was based off of the talk by President Uchtdorf called "The Hope of God's Light". It is a good one, I promise. I cried through most of it. The teacher delivered it so perfectly discussing when you are in the midst of darkness, thinking that God is trying to break your spirit with trials...find the light, God's light. It was also mentioned that we are surrounded by angels, and not just the angels we can't see. I was reminded of the day I felt so alone, so unloved, and felt like my spirit was broken. There really are angels in my life, ones that help me every single day to be a happier Evonne.
photo cred - Kim Orlandini Photography
After yesterday I realized it may not be easy to find those things in the midst of darkness to be thankful for, but they are there.

It doesn't seem like enough to say I am thankful for those angels in my life, but I am. I wouldn't be the same without Paul, my children, and those people who take the time out of their busy lives to check on me, save me when I am drowning, and make me genuinely happy.


kendahl a. said...

You are a beautiful, hilarious, and amazing woman. <3

Vanessa said...

oh that was sweet :) I'm glad you can feel the angels, they are there for sure.

kenna said...

i love reading this, vonnie girl. you are an amazing mama.