Monday, October 21, 2013

we {heart} water gardens

When I sat down to write a post it turned in to a total downer. So, I walked away from the computer, got some sunshine, drank a Coke, and decided I would post that another day...maybe.

October has turned out to be one of Paul's busiest months. We love that he is successful, but I have become spoiled with the amount he helps me...and I am ready to go back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

We were thrilled when Water Gardens announced they were opening a new theater in Holladay, and asked Paul to do the vending/arcade area. It is definitely one of our favorite locations to work with. 
The grand opening was this past UEA weekend, and we hit up the theater every day of it! They had fun bounce houses in the parking lot, and free popcorn. We took the little ones to play during the day, while Savannah was at school. The next night we planned a little date with Savannah's friend Hali to go and see Monster University. Paul went the next night with Devin and his brother Shane to see a movie. 
It is definitely nice to go to a theater, spend $20, and that is going all out. All of us got our own drinks, treat, and popcorn. The kids thought it was so awesome to not have to share, little did they know I didn't spend hardly any money doing it.  Did I mention how nice it is inside? Definitely not like the other dollar theaters.
Water Gardens is definitely going to be our new go-to place, now that it is a little closer to home. Who wants to plan a play date? We still want to see Planes. :)


Amber said...

Me! But we won't be there till the end of Nov. Maybe we can go for round 2 then :)

Jerilee E. said...

We would totally be in for a movie. Hali said it was awesome there :).

Cathy said...

I heart Watergardens too. I just wish they didn't have cotton candy. Blech.