Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bloggers Night Out at Gardner Village

I was invited by My Craft Channel to a fun night out at Gardner Village with 120 Utah bloggers. I have been going to Gardner Village since I can remember, so there was no doubt I would love an evening spent here.
Lucinda gave this frog as a prize for the "Froggers night out!"
We started off the night with appetizers, Lucinda the Witch {she was hilarious as always}, and getting to hear artist Eric Dowdle speak. He gave such simple, yet profound advice. I tried to take notes furiously so I wouldn't forget. He talked about getting out and meeting new people, to let go, give freely, stay true to yourself, and most importantly he said to "just do the best at what you do, know who you are, what makes you unique, tell the story from your perspective, and success will come back to you." It was really inspiring to listen to.
We were all let loose in the Village for shopping and fun photo ops with all the witches. You can imagine that I hit up the Naborhood Bakery first, shouldn't shock anyone. Just so happened that a fun group of ladies wanted to do the same thing. We chatted, we ate orange rolls, and it was really lovely reconnecting.
Sometimes when you get a bunch of ladies together you get crazy over seeing a tiny pony, and we all gather for pictures. We laughed when that tiny pony tried eating my leg. Just watch for me in the video below...1:50ish...the videographer caught that pesky pony in the act.  
A few of us went in some of the stores, and I decided that shopping without children is far more fun. What are my favorite stores you ask? The Bead Farm, Down to Earth, and Celebrations by Modern Display are just a few.  After a couple of hours all the bloggers met back up to end the night, and have more dessert. That Lucinda had me laughing, and it was good for my soul to let go for a night.
This past weekend we went back to Gardner Village as a family. I had heard that they do a little Farmer's Market on Saturdays. The kids always want to dress up, and every year I forget until we get there. This year we didn't forget, and all the kids were dressed in past years Halloween costumes. 

Paul and I couldn't resist the Breakfast at the Farm platter. It was delicious, and totally hit the spot. Then we walked a few yards, and knew we had to come back next week for the pizza. It all looked and sounded so good. We decided on a big bag of fresh peaches for dessert, and those were amazing. 

I love that this just happens to be close to my house, and we can stop in often. If you aren't as lucky to live close, it is worth the drive for the Witches in October...or if Witchfest isn't your thing go for the Elves at Christmas. It really is fun for the whole family.


Cathy said...

I've never been. It looks like fun though. I love your cute dress too!

Vanessa said...

120 is tons!! And you need to take Cathy, I can't believe she has never been!

kendahl a. said...

I love Gardner Village! Especially during October. So cute!

Emily said...

I need to hit up that farmers market!

Dowdle FolkArt said...

I'm glad you liked Eric's talk. He's always great to listen to. He just released a new video as a follow up to his "No Missing Pieces" about an experience he had with his wife and how every individual matters.