Tuesday, October 29, 2013

9 on the 29th.

9 years ago today Paul and I welcomed our first baby to this world, Savannah. As I tucked her in last night, I told her the story of the day she was born. As often as my memory fails me, it never does forget the details of the day each of our children were born. Thankfully.
Savannah is loyal like her Dad, and cries easily like her Mom. She has always been outgoing, talkative, and makes friends easily. At a very young age she showed us her independence, and it still is one of her greatest qualities.
Bottom right photo cred Jen Eliason Photography
Savannah has a boisterous laugh, and likes to be funny. She gets embarrassed easily, and that usually leads to tears. She loves to sing and dance, and knows the lyrics to most songs played on the radio. 
L to R photo cred Jen Eliason Photography // ME // Kim Orlandini Photography
I am thankful that Savannah enjoys learning and school. There is no begging for homework to be done, or calls from the school. She is smart, likes getting good grades, and loves to be active in everything the school offers. This year she enrolled in the after school art program, she has a part in the school play, show choir, and is hoping to make the orchestra too! 
We got lucky with Savannah. She makes parenting easy, and I am thankful she is apart of our family. Still blown away that it has already been 9 years...half way to 18. Doood. 

Happy Birthday Vannah. We love you!


kendahl a. said...

Happy birthday darling girl! You sure are pretty, and smart, and talented, and overall a great girl. I'm glad to have met you. :)

Emily said...

Happiest of happy birthdays, Savannah! So glad I know you and I'm so proud of all you're doing. xoxo

Jerilee E. said...

Happy birthday, Savannah! You are so sweet and beautiful and we are glad we are able to know you :).

Cathy said...

Savannah is the best! I love the pictures. What a beautiful little lady.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday - I'm pretty sure I had as much fun shopping for clothes for her when you were pregnant as I did shopping for Jenna. I just love her new pic & that dress is adorable. Has she told you how many years until she starts driving?