Friday, September 13, 2013

Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park

We only had 2 things that I had really wanted to do before Summer was over - Lagoon and Ogden Eccles Dinosaur Park. When those 2 things didn't get done, I decided they would be the first things I accomplish next Summer.

Paul had started talking about taking just Savannah to Lagoon, and around that same time my friend Jessica {again} wondered if we wanted to go to the dinosaur park. Since Devin wasn't going to Lagoon, I decided that I would make this the fun thing we do instead. 
Tuesday came around, and we were thrilled to be heading North. Unfortunately Tuesday wasn't ready for our awesomeness at first, and made me go a little crazy. Long story short, Savannah ended up having to get checked out of school, and she came with us. It put us a bit behind schedule, and I did have to apologize to a couple of people for my freak out. I hope one day I will learn to roll with the punches better, because at the end of the day...I was really glad that Savannah was able to come with us.
We made a quick stop for lunch, and then headed over to the park. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I have pictures of me when I was little in front of this place, so you just never know. Turned out to be such a fun adventure, and I left wishing it was closer to our home.
We loved the robotic dinosaurs inside {they really are fascinating, only wished they had more}, and Devin was excited to hear what every. single. dinosaur eats. I may have started to make stuff up! Hey, there were a lot of dinosaurs, it was a lot to read!
We played at the play ground, walked around completely in awe of the set up, did some digging for bones, and even got to pan for some gold...that ended up in a water fight that a certain little boy didn't love.
This was definitely more for Devin, but Savannah still had fun. Boys really are so different, and it has been a blast experiencing the other side of things.


kendahl a. said...

Hey, I still need to take Devin on a date to the dinosaur museum down here. :)

Alyssa said...

aw!! I wish I still lived in Ogden :(

EMILY =) said...

We kept meaning to go all summer and never made it out there! Can't wait to go!

dust and kam said...

I have never heard of this place. We might need to take the boy.