Monday, September 16, 2013

Camera Shy.

If you are a Instagram user, you already know that there is a lot of these photo-a-day challenges. I have started a few, and never finish them. I usually forget, or if one day I can't come up with something that fits the topic...I give up. Camera Shy does a challenge, and at the end of each month, a winner is chosen for a free indoor photo session.

After Nancy won the photo session in June, I got some serious motivation. Funny how after you see someone you know win, it makes it feel like you can do it too. Anyways.
some of my pictures that I entered in to the photo-a-day
I was dedicated the entire month of August, and it totally paid off with a win for me! What made it even better? They just opened up a new location in West Jordan. Last time we went to Camera Shy, we drove to the Lehi location...West Jordan is much closer for us!
We were able to go use our free session over the weekend, and even though Sabrina didn't really want to cooperate...I still love the pictures. I could seriously get my kids pictures taken every month, I am little obsessed.
Studio pictures have come a long way since Savannah was a baby. The kids loved the big staircase that they had in the studio, and Bina tried to escape up them more than once. 
I may have had to bribe Devin with a toy from the gas station, but it was totally worth it for all the cute smiles we got out of him. Now I just need Sabrina to be old enough to bribe. Although I think she is cute enough to get away with not smiling.
Thank you Camera Shy for a fun photo challenge, and our free session.
PS I totally didn't have to blog about this, I just wanted to. The End.


Emily DeBry said...

I am doing it this month because you won, I want to win sooooo bad now!! Cute pics, your kids are adorable

kendahl a. said...

Your kids are TOO CUTE!

dust and kam said...

I looooove your photos. So cute!

I am terrible at these contests. I think I lasted 5 days? Maybe? :)

Miss Tejidos said...


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