Monday, September 9, 2013

breaking up with nursing.

When I set out on my nursing journey with Sabrina, I said I was going to quit on or before her first birthday. No way, no how was I nursing beyond that.
Around the 10 month mark, I was so done. I got selfish, and was ready to have my body back. Sabrina had never had a bottle {she refused it}, and wasn't even willing to try a sippy cup at this point. So, I decided I didn't really have a choice when she successfully went 12+ hours with zero liquid. I realize with those delicious thighs, she wasn't in real danger...but she showed she wasn't ready for us to break up with nursing just yet.
I decided I needed to put away my expectations, and keep on nursing until Sabrina was ready for us to break up. You know what that meant? I nursed after her first birthday. Gasp! I wonder when I will learn to never say never...

I cut out feedings, she learned to use a sippy cup, but she still wanted to nurse. I got it down to just feedings in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. Even though I wanted to some day sleep through the night, it was working.
Right around the time Savannah started school, Sabrina started sleeping through the night. That meant she cut out 2 more feeding times on her own. Depending on what time she was waking up, we would just nurse in the morning. Finally something just clicked, and we went 2 days, then 3 days, and then a week with zero nursing.

I could tell that Sabrina was missing our nursing time, and I would scoop her up and rock for a few minutes...then she would be on her way.
I do love sleeping through the night, I mean, duh...who doesn't. I love having my body back, and hopefully my appetite won't be as big. What I didn't expect is to kind of miss it. I am so glad that nursing worked for us, and it was easy. I had the thought more than once, I am happy that I had to take the time out of my day to sit and hold Sabrina to feed her. Things were hectic with a 2 year old, and a new baby...but I always had to make time to have that one on one with her.

Feeling sad it is over, now that it is. I am proud of what we accomplished together. Love that Bina baby of ours.


kendahl a. said...

I'm glad quitting went smoothly. It sounds like you were both a little bit ready.

She's so incredibly cute! I can't even look at pictures of her without just wanting to squeeze and squish her.

Cathy said...

Hooray for boobies!

Vanessa Brown said...

I still cannot believe that she actually stopped.

Nicole said...

Beautiful post. Seems like so many parts of motherhood are filled with mixed emotions. Love to you and your darling family.