Friday, August 23, 2013

Tracy Aviary Play Group.

We decided to do one last Summer play group that Savannah could go to. I plan to continue these play groups, but they will mostly be for Devin. Occasionally I want to plan something on a Friday afternoon so Savannah can feel apart of the fun. We will see how the school year goes first. After school is always hectic for us, and I will probably really limit what we do with others.
Devin had it in his head that we were going to see Dinosaur's, and pouted/whined in the stroller for the majority of our trip. Sabrina decided that she couldn't see well enough from the stroller, and wanted to be held. Savannah complained about everything. So, as you can see, my kids were fun to be around. {Read that with heavy sarcasm!} After this play group I will be surprised if we can get anyone to come again. :)
I always remember going to the bird shows at Tracy Aviary as a kid, and so we all went to one while we were there. It was much shorter than I remember, but Savannah and Devin really loved it. I do want to take them back when they are in a good mood, and maybe we can have a better overall experience.
some of our group! I think I figured out we had 27 total, which was crazy fun!
Thank you to all of our friends that came. I really do enjoy meeting up with everyone, even if my kids don't always cooperate.


kendahl a. said...

I have never been there, and I love birds! I need to go. I love those flamingos!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

The bird aviary sounds like a delightful place--I've never been to one! I'll have to add that to my wish list!

San Mah said...

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