Thursday, August 8, 2013

things might start lookin' up, or not

What started off looking like a pretty good week, hasn't gone nearly as smoothly.

Devin got the flu, and I spent all night cleaning up throw up. Then Sabrina caught it, and 15 minutes before Savannah and I were suppose to go to the Planes premier...I got thrown up on. I was really grumpy about it, and canceled our plans.

The next day had to be better, right? Uh no. I woke up to a sick kitty. I didn't have the energy to clean it up, and so I just threw everything away that he got to. 

We have been working on a refinance for our house. It has been weeks of trying to prove that Sell Vending exists, and that my husband actually makes money from it. I mean, I hope he makes money from it since I don't work, but whatever. So, after lots of phones calls, paper work, faxing, blah, blah, blah...they said "We can't Google Sell Vending and find it, so it doesn't exist!" So, they turned us down, which means we didn't save $300+ a month like we were hoping for. So, hey Everhome Mortgage...maybe you can Google Sell Vending now, and find this post! Ha, ha, ha. I am not happy, but life goes on. Small business owners sometimes get the shaft! That is all.
Which brings us to yesterday. Paul has been so busy working at the business Everhome Mortgage doesn't think exists, and hasn't had time to mow the lawn. Being the go-getter wife, I decided to help out. Big mistake, huge! They stuff is hard, and I was a mess in the heat. I came in, and thought I might just drop dead. I took a shower, and thought I was going to be able to relax for the rest of the day. Wrong again.
Nohin' like new car smell, and 119 miles on our Accord as we drive off the lot!
Paul called to tell me to go and test drive a car that he had been working with Wayne at Larry H. Miller Honda Murray to buy. {PS We love our Wayne.} I decided it would be an in and out thing, I was tired...but I thought I could handle it.
Love the camera in the back, so easy to reverse!!
Little did I know I was going to be buying the car with 3 kids, no husband, and I was getting the flu. After the test drive, I spent the majority of my time on the floor in their bathroom wanting to be saved. I have never said so many prayers to just throw up, and help me get through this.
large amounts of Coke, popcorn, and treats were consumed by my 3 kids to make this easier for us all.
Mad props to my kids for being as good as they possibly could have been for spending 4 or so hours in a dealership with a sick Mom. Mad props to Wayne for putting up with me, and being so understanding and quick. Mad props to Paul for buying me a hunky new car I love. 
Paul finally was able to make it from Provo to rescue me at the dealership, help get car seats switched, and feed the kids a real dinner. I have never been so excited to see him, and I am extremely thankful for him.

I am feeling much better this morning, but am just waiting for Savannah and Paul to catch this nasty bug. We hit up Kneaders in our new car for breakfast, except I had soup.  

As I was typing this post, Savannah came to inform me that our basement was flooding. So, just when I thought things were going to get better, they aren't. New water heater should be installed tomorrow. Cold showers for all, and for all a good day...or not.


Alyssa said...

I can't believe the whole Google thing!!! Seriously. Here's to hoping for a better next couple of days! Or at least a nap...

kendahl said...

Something amazing has got to be coming in your life. I'm sorry it's been hell week! I hope things get better for you. If you need a break tomorrow and feel up to it, come down and hang out in my break room. I'll entertain the babies and you can nap on the couch. :)

Congrats on the new car though!

Emily said...

Oh, sister. If I were there I'd have rescued you off the floor of that dealership. I'm hoping a few weeks down the road you'll think it was all worth it because you have a snazzy new car with a backup camera no less.

Also, if you ever feel up to a refinance again, we LOVED the guy we used last time. Referred my SIL to him and they've had a good experience too (and their self employed).

Krystal said...

Love your snazzy new car. So sorry you've had a bad week. Hugs!!

Cathy said...

I love Sell Vending! Sell Vending is the best Sell Vending I've ever seen. Sell Vending will get my quarters every Sell Vending time. Sell Vending. p.s. I really like your car. Sell Vending.

Jenni and Chad Stewart said...

Aww sucky! Sometimes when it rains it pours. We have endured many a barf-o-rama's at our house and I swear it gets better when they're older. When one person gets it, not EVERYONE gets it like when they are so young. I have had my husband out of town before while me and my four kids ALL had the stomach flu. A barf-o-rama indeed. :)That finance thing is lame too, we also had issues when my husband was self employed. You would think the tax returns would be proof enough but what do I know? I'm glad you're husband was able to rescue you!

Sarah Hawks said...

Something amazing must be coming your way. In the mean time we'll send prayers :)